How to write a good short story

How to write a good short story

Writing a good short story is not as easy as you might think it to be. Unlike an essay or an ordinary paper, it needs you to think out of the box and evaluate the story critically. Students of high schools, colleges and universities are often asked to write short stories as the teacher wants them to build vocabulary, to improve their writing skills and to boost their creativity. You may find some good examples at custom-essay. If you have been required to write a short story, then you should bear in mind the following things to be assured of the quality.

Read multiple short stories

First of all, you should read a large number of short stories to have an idea of the topics covered in such papers. Some short stories are related to real-life characters while the others are fantasy stories. What you write depends on your own taste, mental and creative capabilities. You just need to write it uniquely, and reading those so many short stories does not mean you are free to copy the content or take the idea from them. It just means you have to see how these are structured, constructed and formatted.

Take care of the word count

Most of the short stories are written in a range of 1000 to 2000 words, so you will be required to do the same. If you think that these words are too short and cannot suit your story, then you can skip some of the unimportant dialogues from your story and try to keep things as simple as possible. There is no need to include the characters and dialogues that are not related to your stories.

Use the classic style of writing

It would be great to use the classic style of writing, meaning use old English words and focus the story on a character or two. Some students include a lot of fantasy characters in their stories, and this causes problems for them as the quality is compromised significantly. In order to make your short story stand out from the crowd, you should consider using the classic style of writing and concentrate on a couple of characters only.

Be clear about the climax of the story

How do you want to craft the story? What type of information are you looking to insert it? For every student, it is important to be clear about the climax of their stories regardless of the word count. The climax has to be engaging, informative and full of fun so that the reader gets intact until the end of the story.

Give it an amazing end

You must pay attention to the end of the story, and give it a professional and fantastic look. In other words, we can say that it should have a satisfying ending with all negative characters ended and all the good characters living happily. Without these aspects, the story will not be considered complete.

Final thoughts

There are some happy and sad moments in short stories, and you cannot restrict yourself to only a single aspect. In fact, the story you write should be a blend of good and bad things so that the reader can decide what route he should opt for and what types of information he needs to get from the story. Structure and organize your short story well, and do not forget to proofread and edit before submitting to the teacher.